Steampunk Oriental Castle 70: At the Con

We made it! 😀

The terrain got (sufficiently) finished for the convention with tweaks being made until the last minute the night before.

We had a blast playing on the maps with lots of appreciative comments from players and spectators alike.

Each game was unique with players exploring different encounters and solving their problems in different ways. It was extremely rewarding to see how much people enjoyed playing on the terrain. 🙂

Even though we played for two whole days, I was so engaged I didn’t manage to take any pictures during actual play. 😛

I did manage at least to get some pics of the setup before the first game.

The canal district really came alive with the details my friend created.

Near where the ship was docked, a pair of giant squid lay wrapped in a fishing net and bound by an anchor chain, their children looking on sadly from a nearby tub.

Both groups of players decided to rescue them and earned allies in the battles ahead. 🙂

At the other side of the ship, a market area was set up.

In the back of the market area, there was a wagon with a mural of open terrain and sky on the inside and a gate made of strangely colored metal bars (blue, gold, silver, red, and black). Inside was a small forlorn sky dragon.

Each group decided to free the dragon as well and earned themselves another ally when they needed it most.

One area had piles of construction supplies that became part of the action later.

There was also a sweet old lady with polished porcelain plates for skin and brass gears beneath who gave some of the heroes flowers with magical properties when they were kind and brave.

And there was a former teahouse that had been converted into a mechanic’s workshop. Inside, a strange (and sadly not yet functional) flying machine was being assembled.

And there were more similar details scattered throughout that made the streets seem alive.

And the goal of the canal district was to find the five elemental keys to open the gate into the castle.

In the future, there will be a third map between the canal district and the castle, but for this session, a simple drawbridge spanned the gap.

We all had an amazing time, and I want to thank all the players who helped make this inaugural debut of these maps such a success!

It is the joy that people like you take in playing on my maps that truly inspires me.

Until next time, happy building everyone!! 😀