If you wish to contact me with questions or about a commission, you can email me at: handcraftedterrain@gmail.com

I made my first piece of terrain in 2009, a 3-D hex map of a volcanic island for playing Battletech. With each project since then, I have tried to challenge myself with new techniques and materials.

I am a Montessori science teacher, which means much of my time is already spoken for and I don’t get to make as many projects as I would like. Summer and the holidays tend to be my most productive times. As a teacher, I take great pleasure in explaining how I create each project, including all the mistakes I make along the way.

Some interesting facts about me:

  • I’ve been a Montessori teacher for 20+ years, following in the footsteps of my mother and aunt.
  • I’m a published science fiction and fantasy author.
  • I was the science fiction editor for an online magazine.
  • I did injured animal rescue and took care of an African lion and an American cougar while working for the SPCA.
  • I grew up around NASA and got to play with the buttons in Mission Control as a young child between Apollo missions. (My father was a NASA physicist, my uncle was a NASA engineer building spacesuits, and one of the members of my writing group is an astronaut).
  • I was awarded “Teacher of the Year” by the American Go Foundation.
  • I have a tiny piece of the first nuclear reactor “CP-1”, where for the first time humans actually altered the building blocks of the universe rather than just rearranging the pieces that were already there.

NOTE: I used to post my work at TerraGenesis.com. Unfortunately, most of my old posts were lost in the purges a few years ago and the site seems to be in decline now. I managed to save some of my old posts, and have at least most of the images from the others, so I plan to recreate what I can here.